The Brand

The HART brand also underlines our premise that “companies don’t do business – people do business”. Personal relationships, both internal and external, based on mutual respect and trust, are the cornerstone of our business.  

The HART range of slurry pumps is functionally interchangeable with legacy brands. It covers the widest variety of slurry pumping applications with the following model ranges:

HA and HAR Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps are the workhorse of the mining and minerals processing industry with too many applications to mention.  The range features interchangeable liners in several different materials.

HH variants of the HA range caters for high head applications

HP models are applicable in high pressure scenarios

HV and HVR Vertical Spindle Pumps are commonly used for spillage sump duty

HG Gravel Pumps provide a robust structure and large passages for coal washing and gemstone operations

HM unlined metal pumps are revered for lower initial cost

HC High Head Dewatering Pumps

Application Engineering

“Most sell pumps – we provide solutions!”

By using advanced applications engineering technology and deep practical expertise Africa Slurry Pump Solutions provides its clients with optimal and most cost-effective solution for any slurry-pumping challenge. We work closely with the clients’ engineers and process owners to ensure the provided solutions not only meet the clients’ operational parameters but also give the client the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Some aspects included in our application engineering offering are:

Full pump set and pump system design capability

Ensuring operation at best efficiency point by considering pump and system curves

Optimised inlet and outlet piping design

Optimal, application-specific materials selection

Pump selection with extensive “what-if?” scenario planning

Sealing arrangement selection

Effective pump integration with balance of system components

Reduced energy consumption

Potential elimination of gland service water

Judicious consideration of all factors in the slurry pump system delivers optimal capital and operational expense for our clients.


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